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Facial Plastic Surgery by Dr. Thomas Hubbard

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The Rhinoplasty Consultation & Beyond

The rhinoplasty consultation in Virginia Beach is an extremely important part of the surgical process. It begins with Dr. Hubbard listening as the patient describes the specific aspects of their nose they want addressed. All concerns about appearance, either from the front or the side, should be mentioned, including size, width, shape and orientation. Some find it easier to describe their concerns using a mirror or double mirror. There should always be time spent discussing any breathing difficulty the patient has been experiencing – on which side, when, what makes it better and what makes it worse.

Dr. Hubbard then performs a careful exam of the external nose looking from the front, side and 45 degree views. The internal exam pays particular attention to deformities of the septum, internal valve, external valve and turbinates. After the exam, there is a thorough discussion of surgical options. Video imaging can provide valuable insight and immediate feedback on what outcomes can reasonably be expected from the decisions made prior to surgery. Dr. Hubbard is frank and realistic about the surgical experience, including expectations and recovery. No two rhinoplasties are exactly alike; therefore, the surgical plan will be unique for every patient. Details of the plan are discussed again at the pre-operative visit, and then a third time just before surgery. Dr. Hubbard refers to the enumeration of the details as "The List." There are commonly 4 to 6 specific issues to address during surgery, although sometimes there are as many as 10 to 12, depending on the patient. All of the issues are included in each of the 3 discussions prior to surgery.

The Internet Rhinoplasty Consultation

Out of town patients can begin the consultation process with an Internet rhinoplasty consultation. This process is begun by submitting your information on the "Contact Us Form" below and requesting an Internet rhinoplasty consultation. Our office will then email you a questionnaire to complete and return to us along with the 7 photos described below. Once Dr. Hubbard has reviewed the information provided and analyzed the photos, our patient coordinator will contact you to provide more details. Of course, a personal consultation is always best but if that is not possible for the initial discussion, Dr. Hubbard can provide his opinion on cosmetic related concerns based on the information you provide. The cost of this evaluation will be provided with your questionnaire.

Photos: To provide the best possible views for Dr. Hubbard, it is important to take the photos in good lighting against a solid colored background using a flash. Ensure that there is no shadow on the face (except for the one front shadow view that is taken without a flash). Use a camera with a zoom lens to get a close up of the face. Other cameras may distort the image.

Please try to mimic the photos below and submit all 7 for evaluation.

Notice they are only of the head, and include 2 side views, 2 three-quarter views, 1 base view with the tip of the nose between the brows and finally 2 front views – 1 with a flash and 1 without. If both types of front view cannot be taken, then 1 is acceptable.

Side View Side View
Three Quarter View Side View
Base View Front View with flash
Front View without flash

You may email the completed questionnaire and the 7 photos to

Please keep in mind that email is not secure and by transmitting your photos, your privacy is not protected. If you would prefer to mail your photos either in print or on a disc, you may send along with your questionnaire to:

Hubbard Plastic Surgery & Skin Enhancement
Patient Coordinator
329 Phillip Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

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