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Facial Plastic Surgery by Dr. Thomas Hubbard

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One of the best testaments to the success of a surgeon's work is the words of actual patients. Below you can read a sample of the shining compliments patients have given Dr. Thomas Hubbard, a facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist in Virginia Beach.

Get to know Dr. Hubbard and his staff for yourself. Visit Hubbard Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach for your rhinoplasty or facial plastic surgery consultation. Request your consultation online or call (757) 687-1900.

Dr. Hubbard is nothing short of THE best rhinoplasty plastic surgeon out there . . . period! I did a ton of research and was even willing to pay $15K+ to get a revision done. I knew very quickly based on Dr. Hubbard's pictures and artistic abilities, combined with his modesty, that his skills were incredible. He changed my life as my nose was disfigured by another doctor. He did an incredible job and I referred a friend that was also extremely pleased. You can't teach artistic ability. It is a gift. Thank you Dr. Hubbard!

I love my nose. Tom, when my daughter gets older, if she needs anything done to her nose, I'm bringing her to you. (Plastic surgeon)

A doctor who I have a great deal of respect for recommended Dr. Hubbard. I can't think of anything more they could have done! Every need I had was well taken care of. I am very happy with the entire experience. From day one I was comfortable with the staff and Dr. Hubbard. They made me feel like I was someone they truly cared about and not just a number or a dollar sign. Thanks again to ALL of you!

I chose your office because the response of previous patients was very positive, and was also highly recommended by my rheumatologist. I loved every one of the staff. My experience was wonderful. My care was exceptional. Dr. Hubbard was so caring and professional and made my journey to a "more youthful look" wonderful! I am very pleased, and when I am asked, "Would you do it again?" my answer is "Absolutely!" My dermatologist and ophthalmologist were so impressed with my results that they have taken Dr. Hubbard's name and telephone number to refer patients to him. While out having dinner with my husband, I asked about the senior discount and the waitress was so convinced I didn't qualify that the manager had to come out and check my ID!

Dr. Hubbard saved my face! I had surgery by another plastic surgeon who promised me the moon. I ended up being very unhappy and deformed from the previous surgeon's work. Dr. Hubbard fixed my nose by performing what I believe to be no less than a miracle. He truly cared about my needs and my safety. If you need rhinoplasty, please see Dr. Hubbard. If you need revision rhinoplasty, there is no one else in the world that you should let anywhere near you!

After suffering for years with headaches and acute sinusitis, I finally made the decision to have rhinoplasty; however, finding a qualified surgeon to do both cosmetic and nasal cavity repairs was nearly impossible. I finally found Dr. Thomas Hubbard, who is board certified in both plastic surgery and otolaryngology. The staff at Hubbard Plastic Surgery was pleasant and professional, patiently answering any questions or concerns I had before, during and after surgery. And the results far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Hubbard Plastic Surgery to anyone considering rhinoplasty in Virginia Beach!

In 2003, I decided to have rhinoplasty, and I chose Dr. Hubbard because of his excellent reputation in the community, patience, attentiveness and calm reassurances during my consultation with him. While he carefully listened to all my concerns, he offered suggestions on ways to further enhance my appearance during the procedure. Once we agreed on the final result, the surgery was schedule and performed. Needless to say Dr. Hubbard and his entire staff catered to my every need before, during and after the surgery. A week later when the bandages were removed, I was pleasantly surprised and genuinely amazed at the result and could barely refrain from staring at my nose in the mirror! I was ecstatic and my friends and family were equally pleased because it looked so natural. Being thrilled with the outcome, I engaged his services on another occasion to correct a figure flaw and again couldn't be happier. I have already recommended Hubbard Plastic Surgery to all my friends and family and am confident that, should you feel the need for the services of a plastic surgeon, Dr. Hubbard will do his professional best for you, too!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my beautiful new nose! I have wanted rhinoplasty my whole life but was afraid to do it. Dr. Hubbard was recommended to me by another local plastic surgeon. When I found out that Dr. Hubbard used to practice as an E.N.T physician, I felt more confident about him doing my surgery. My decision was the right one. Dr. Hubbard has a very distinguished academic background. His very thorough consultation and calm manner made me very comfortable with going ahead with the surgery. His staff treated me like I was their only patient. It was a great experience. In fact, a year later I returned to him for abdominoplasty. Dr. Hubbard is obviously the best surgeon and the most knowledgeable in our area for not only rhinoplasty but any cosmetic procedure as well. I would not trust anyone else to perform cosmetic surgery on me, especially for my face.

Dr. Hubbard and his staff are wonderful. I always feel like I am important to them. They make me feel I am not just a paycheck. Great Job! Thank you all.

I recently went to a new dentist and the receptionist said when I came in she thought I was in my 40s and was shocked to see I'm in my 60s!

I first saw Dr. Hubbard on television and he seemed so honest and down to earth. I called [the practice] and they told me he was the nose expert. After I met him I knew I could trust him. I am so happy with my surgeries (rhinoplasty, facelift, abdominoplasty) that I tell everyone I know to go see Dr. Hubbard.

I am VERY pleased with the results of my rhinoplasty! I came to Dr. Hubbard around 1999/2000 for a revision rhinoplasty. I was unhappy with my first rhinoplasty and had heard Dr. Hubbard was the best at rhinoplasty. What is most remarkable about Dr. Hubbard is his talent and compassion. He has always been honest and fair and given me reasonable expectations. I've been his patient for about seven years!

I had reconstructive rhinoplasty a few years ago and chose Dr. Hubbard to do the procedure. Too much cartilage was removed from my nose in a prior rhinoplasty so my nose was gradually sinking in. I chose Dr. Hubbard because he is an E.N.T. doctor and understands that the nose is a multi-dimensional part of the body. My experience and results were wonderful! I would recommend him and his staff for any cosmetic procedure!

My experience with rhinoplasty was great! Dr. Hubbard and his staff were wonderful and I felt very prepared for my procedure. My recovery went smoothly and my results were more than I could have ever imagined.

My goal of the rhinoplasty was accomplished due to the experience Dr. Hubbard has in performing various procedures. He was able to correct mistakes/flaws that were apparent from a previous procedure and made my nose look natural, yet refined. The staff and Dr. Hubbard's professionalism and constant positive attitude made for a comfortable and pleasant experience. They were able to work my surgery date to my convenience.

Since this was my second attempt to straighten my nose, I was very nervous. My first experience was very different. In fact, it was horrible! My second with Dr. Hubbard was unbelievably nice. All I can attribute that to is the gentleness and experience of the surgeon. I had hardly any black and blue marks and was feeling better after a week or even less. It was remarkable! My nose, after only six months, is perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My experience at Hubbard Plastic Surgery was very pleasant. Dr. Hubbard listens to your questions and concerns and not only prepares you for surgery, but helps you understand what your realistic outcome will be. I went through surgery and recovery with no surprises, and Dr. Hubbard and his staff were supportive every step of the way. I am very happy with my result and can't believe I waited so long out of fear to make the changes that I wanted. Thank you!

I have always wanted a nose job, so I came to Dr. Hubbard for advice and reassurance. He was very patient with me because I know that I drove him crazy with so many questions at the consultation! I was very frightened when I did proceed with the surgery. His staff was very helpful, and Dr. Hubbard reassured me that I was going to be taken care of. Thanks for everything because I was really happy with the result.

I waited 25 years until I could afford to have rhinoplasty surgery, and I wish I could have done it sooner. It made a HUGE difference in my perception of myself. I was so pleased with the outcome that I'm going to make sure that my daughter doesn't have to wait 25 years before she can get her nose and facial appearance to look more like the average American, and I'm going to let her have rhinoplasty done this summer.

I am 100% satisfied with my rhinoplasty results! Dr. Hubbard and his staff went above and beyond in meeting my expectations. Both Dr. Hubbard and his staff put me at ease by taking the time to explain every detail involved and answer any questions I had. I am so glad that I had my procedure done at Hubbard Plastic Surgery. Their experience, friendliness and concern for the well-being of their patients shone through, and I would, without a doubt, highly recommend them to anyone!

The rhinoplasty Dr. Hubbard performed was reconstructive of a disaster surgery performed by a different doctor five years before. My expectations were low since this was my third rhinoplasty. I can honestly say I remember very minimal pain. What I remember most is the attention to detail and phenomenal care Dr. Hubbard and his staff provided. About a week after the surgery I could tell it was a success! Every day I look in the mirror before I go to work and amazingly I no longer notice my nose. It's normal now, a non-issue, and my self-confidence has dramatically improved! Thank you all so much for changing my life completely! Now I feel like my exterior matches my interior.

I can't thank you enough for giving me the nose I was always meant to have! I'm also very impressed and thankful for your suggestion of a chin implant. Truthfully I feel like you took 10 years off my face! For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

The above patient testimonials are quotes from actual patients of Dr. Hubbard's. The testimonials do not imply any warranty or guarantee of results. Individual results may vary.

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